Everyone has Moments of Doubt, that’s why the Lord leaves a light on in the Darkness!

24 Aug 2021

Its always best to look to the Lord in times of crisis, whether its questioning your faith, lack of, or judt need someone to be there to help listen to your problems, your troubles, any advice &/or to help get whatever burdening weight that may be weighing you down. The Lord WILL/IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU, NO MATTER WHAT PERSONAL HELL YOU MAY FIND YOURSELF IN OR BELIEVE TO BE THE CASE. He WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS (maybe NOT in a DIRECT WAY/in the way you're normally used to during your time here on this earth, but in possibly more indirect ways.) But no matter which way He does choose to do it, the POINT IS THAT HE NEVER STOPS LOVING US & IS ALWAYS & FOREVER going to be here for us NO MATTER WHAT! Like a true real Father who eternally loves His children does.) Just some food for thought. 100%

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