Esoteric Hip Hop Mysterium Video Show ((432Hz))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
12 Oct 2021

Welcome to the B sides in video format to a previous project: Mystic Esoteric Manuscripts
Disclaimer: viewer discernment advised.. as with anything really, but there is some misinformation or misunderstandings of certain concepts or facts presented in some of these videos.. My apologies for the distortions and some of the images that will create negative reactions, especially offending people who do not understand what certain symbols or concepts mean and actually represent, such as the star of David: referenced throughout more or less, in this is context, it's pertaining to the zionists & dark occultists who created the puppet state of Is-Ra-El.. it is not anti-semetic to expose these people for é quick reasons: one, these rothschild zionists are not even Semitic. two, this is the control system we are talking about, not actual jewish people and their religion..

The other thing to keep in mind when hearing freemasons and illuminati: it's important to know there are both light and dark sides to these groups/concepts, obviously in this video series, we are talking about the dark masons (they are not even "free"masons) and dark illuminati.. i can consider myself illuminati since i am an enlightened one- fortunately for the positive cause of service to truth and others.. Believe me that doesn't boost my ego, it puts more responsibility on me to help enlighten others.. due to the misuse of people compartmentalizing the "powers that shouldn't be" and their puppets all as illuminati isn't labeling individuals all that accurately and can make them seem more intimidating and powerful than they actually are.. all these categories of manipulators and categorizing them can create distraction, so pay attention to what you're paying attention to ;)

Amidst all these negative issues presented, there is inspiration and motivation provoking upliftment and solutions.. ideas on how to solve these problems normally come to mind naturally if the right attention is being payed by understanding how some of these things work and how the controllers operate.. This is supposed to be empowering, for the truth shall set you free, although you have the free will to react however you wish to the info shown and what you listen to, just keep in mind that emotional reactions are logical fallacies.. the truth shall set you free, sure, but it'll piss you off first- the good thing to do in this case, like i did, is transmute and use that energy and conviction to propel you to do something positive in yourself and in the world for the better.. the more effective way to go about this is the trivium method step by step- getting KNOWLEDGE, fully UNDERSTANDING, then using your WISDOM to put it into action

Mixes like these offer many keys, solutions and insight, but this is to wet the appetite if you're not really familiar with this material

TRACKLIST & CREDITS in order of appearance
this is a collage of other artists' music videos- all credit goes to them.. i just compiled it into one big show

The Illuminati - Sound Scientists
Mastermind - A Day Without Conscious
Quantum Mechanics - Son of Saturn ft. Gift of Gab (prod. by Poison Hands)
Z Big Picture - Payday Monsanto
Return of The Renaissance Verse - R.A. The Rugged Man
There Is A Devil - Tyson & DJ Anas Canon ft. Azeem
The 4th Branch - Immortal Technique
False Reality - Tekneek *
What If.. (there is a) New World Disorder - DaFlowContinuum x Azeem **
Sacred Symbolism - Apakalypse & Beast1333 ft. Jah Nigga Da Baptist
Illuminati Congo - Illuminati Congo
Illuminati - Locksmith
What Would You Do? - Paris *
The Serpent - K Rino
Astrotheology remix - Sick Since ft. Zambo beatz
The Pentegram - Synchromystics (prod. by DaMaven) *
Masonic Exposure - Conspirituality
(kinda funny hearing captain morgan in the hook, here's the connection):
Esoteric Agenda - Lost Children of Babylon with Truth Seekah **
Globe Holders - Wise Intelligent *
CLOUDS - Fat Hed *
Ant Farm - The Profoun Poet
Reason to Fight - Sick Symphonies vs NWO
Martial Law - Tay.G *

* = an image or a few were added to the original video to give clarity or avoid redundancy
** exclusive remix


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