Erdogan calls for Muslim nations to unite against Israel

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Watch Out
18 May 2021

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A frenzy of anti-Israeli coverage in Turkish media has accompanied anti-Semitic attacks on the country's small Jewish community.
Turkey’s tiny Jewish community is once again in the crosshairs of the ongoing violence between Israelis and Palestinians, with its community newspaper the target of a fresh wave of anti-Semitic attacks.
Individuals who identified themselves as disciples of Necip Fazıl Kisakurek, a Turkish nationalist poet and anti-Semite revered by Turkey’s Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, hacked the website of Salom, the sole newspaper serving Turkey’s dwindling Jewish minority.
They posted, “Our actions will continue until Palestine is free and independent.”
They also posted a verse from one of Kisakurek’s poems evoking Palestinians responding to Israeli missiles with stones. The perpetrators have yet to be caught. Turkey’s Jews are on edge.

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José Silva
José Silva 4 months ago

Good video.

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BryGuy 4 months ago

Didn't Egypt and Turkey work together to capture killary's evergreen shipment? This could get really interesting.

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