Ep 81 Exosomes- Water- Fear- Viruses And The Roots To All Disease With Dr

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
21 Apr 2021

⁣⁣Ep 81: Exosomes, Water, Fear, Viruses And The Roots To All Disease With Dr. Thomas Cowan

Dr. Tom Cowan
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The Inspire Health Podcast Interview
I was recently interviewed by Dr. Jason Loken on The Inspire Health Podcast. We discussed viruses and exosomes, the role that electricity plays in health and disease, a specific form of water that may decrease your risk of cancers, and a deep dive into the roots of all diseases.
• Understand the role of electricity and EMF in health and disease?
• Discover the secret power of water in preventing chronic illness and even cancer.
• Take a deep dive into the root causes of illness.
• Take home strategies that you can begin now to start improving your health and prevent disease.
• Understand what an exosome is.
• The role that fear plays in keeping you sick and increasing the potential for disease.
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FireDOVEll 5 months ago

Can you do a segment on HeLa cells? Its benefits, since it was harvested from a blk woman back in the 50s from Henrietta Lacks. Her cells were immortal she died in 1950? at John Hopkins, Her cells duplicate in a lab still to this day & have cured all the diseases man-made & natural sickness

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