Earth & Moon Construct - OBE Perspective


Todd Acamesis shares his takes on Earth & Moon while in the OBE state.

Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers [Glastonbury Symposium]

Spiritual Underground:

Originally Posted on August 16th 2017

While I find Tod's experiences interesting to me Ball Earth vs Flat Earth debate is MUTE. Why do you care so much about the shape of your prison?
Neither myself nor anyone I know had a direct experience of its shape while in their material body.
All else is the INFERENCE, perhaps a very well thought out one but that’s all it is.
I do however have a direct experience of this place being a prison / plantation / loosh farm.
Isn’t it about time to start contemplating on how to get out of here and never come back instead of wasting our precious energies arguing about its shape?

In the Astral your perspective will most likely vary depending on the level of your awareness so it is not that easy to investigate as it would seem. There are accounts of various construct / shapes, so which one do you trust?
Me none until I have direct non-interfered experience.
Do not ever underestimate our captors abilities to interfere with our perceptions.

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