Dr. Harvey Risch 60% of New Covid Patients Have Been Vaccinated

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
01 May 2021

⁣Bombshell: 60% of New Covid Patients Are Vaccinated

⁣A Yale medical doctor says of the new patients diagnosed with the coronavirus, more than half have been vaccinated.

Dr. Harvey Risch joined War Room to explain the vaccine “bait and switch” of public health officials, which are using a totally different standard for efficacy than they are letting on.
“What clinicians are telling me is more than half of the new covid cases that they’re seeing to treat is people who’ve been vaccinated,” Dr. Risch said. “They’ve estimated 60 percent of new patients they’ve been treating have been people who’ve been vaccinated.”
Dr. Risch said the medical establishment is not being honest about the vaccine’s effectiveness because they are pushing everyone into the vaccine pipeline.
“They’re afraid that if you say this vaccine is only 50 or 60 percent effective…then people aren’t going to take the vaccine,” Dr. Risch said.
Dr. Risch said it is clear Dr. Fauci has a different agenda than public health, because he won’t address honestly the herd immunity issue.
Half of states in America already surpassed herd immunity last fall, Risch said, without the vaccine.

“Herd immunity only starts with the infection curve reaches its peak,” Risch explained. “Everything after that point is more than herd immunity at 50 or 60 percent of the population immune.”
“We need more than herd immunity, to make the infections go down quickly,” he said. “That’s what we saw in South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Utah last fall in October and November.”
“They were past herd immunity well before any vaccine started,” Dr. Risch said. “They had had enough cases.”
“Half the states in the U.S have now have more than herd immunity,” he said. “They are coming down dramatically.”
Dr. Risch also said the lock downs were “counterproductive,” and only delayed their citizens from reaching herd immunity.
Dr. Fauci’s unwillingness to answer basic questions, like why can’t people who have already been vaccinated or already exposed to the virus not wear a mask, shows he has another agenda.

“[He’s] unwilling to actually say the word herd immunity,” Dr. Risch said. “I don’t understand why that is unless there is motivation for some other plan that is not the same as treating the pandemic. There’s nothing else that makes sense.”
“There’s another agenda that is not apparent,” Dr. Risch said. “Look at the [World Health Organization] WHO. The WHO quietly removed from herd immunity the contribution of natural infection causing immunity. That produced an uproar in the scientific community, this violates at least 100 years of science.”
Dr. Risch said “political and financial” concerns have effected medical institutions, and are influencing the behavior of Dr. Fauci and others.
It’s an “open secret” in the scientific community that there are many treatments for covid, Risch said.
“Early outpatient treatment works and it works very effectively,” he said. This includes hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, aspirin, antibiotics, and other inexpensive treatments.
“We don’t need to be generating $3,000 a pill treatments,” Dr. Risch said.
“You have two classes of people,” he said. “The people who’ve actually looked at it. And you have the scoffers, academics, who’ve never treated a patient who have no idea about the actual effectiveness of these treatments.”

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