Donald Trump | When You're Late For Work

Watch Out
Watch Out
07 Feb 2021

⁣Mario Andretti gives Donald Trump the ride of his life through the streets of New York City. This was on President Trump's highly acclaimed TV show the Apprentice, before he became President. This was also way back before the Liberals tried to destroy him.
Same people back then, were on his TV show. Raised money for him, took money from him, stayed in his hotels, bought his real estate, and penthouses. Played golf at his courses, wanted him to speak at their engagements, partied with him. Hang out with him, and say they knew him. Took his college courses to get a degree without bitching, etc.. He became President Trump, and Libturds came unglued! (93)

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billfarlie 3 months ago

i guess this is why the lefts says he's races

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