Don’t Worry, I’m On the Pill | Grunt Speak Highlights

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
16 Sep 2021

⁣In light of the Texas abortion law, Wahmyns everywhere are trying to blame men for all unplanned pregnancies, but the facts tell a different story.
#GruntSpeakLive #SpermJacking #BabyRabies
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Art_Holland 1 month ago

What hapened to, it takes two to tangle? Shared responsibility must be instilled/installed in both law and morals. Baby rights must be placed above parents!

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Art_Holland 1 month ago

That it is a very lopsided (my body my choice) issue is unmistakable. Consider the following abortion scenarios:
1) both want the baby. NP. Baby wins 2 parents.
2) she wants, he doesn’t. He pays. Baby loses w/only 1 parent.
3) he wants, she doesn’t. He loses. Baby loses all.
4) he/she wants sex, later she files date rape. He loses.
All guilt automatically placed on him, none on her.
He has NO rights.
She cannot be forced to carry to term and give child to him.
In case of rape she chooses to keep or not.
In case of her death he is charged with double homicide.
If she wants abortion then baby nefariously/accidentally dies she claims she wanted it he loses.
He, parents, grandparents rights must be expanded!
Abortion must end!
The Bill Gates of hell (after Sanger his parents ran PP) & dr Death FauXci’s DNA altering world genocidal genetic ‘gene-jab’ is Margaret Sanger’s Nazi eugenics program is Abortion 3.0 on super steroids!
I dare you to list all the countless ways humanity is ALREADY systematically for decades now being wiped out! Guaranteed it will freak you out!

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