Democratic Party | From 'White Supremacy' to 'Black Lives Matter'

Watch Out
Watch Out
06 Apr 2021

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He [Truman] took a dim view of nonwhites as he wrote in a June 22, 1911 letter to his future wife Bess Wallace: “Ithink one man is just as good as another so long as he’s honest anddecent and not a **** or a Chinaman. Uncle Wills says that the Lordmade a white man from dust, a **** from mud, and then threw what wasleft and it came down a Chinaman. He does hate Chinese and Japs. So doI. It is race prejudice I guess. But I am strongly of the opinion that negroes ought to be in Africa, yellow men in Asia, and white men inEurope and America.” Bess shared in his disapproval of being in the company of non-Whites, stating that “blacks should have their schoolsand we should have ours.” [181]

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