⁣DARPA has actual SKYNET -like War-Robots?

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
23 Apr 2021

Original Title "⁣DARPA and Google - These Robots Are Not CGI, They Are AI and Real, Made by DARPA Owned by Google"

This video blew my ****ing mind. I think my jaw is still open...
There is alot of debate if these are real or not. Personally i think the truth is it is a mixture of both. I do not think DARPA would announce these skynet automatons if they were real... and I do think the technology level is there. No idea on the AI part though, but the facial recognition we all know is real. (Thesocial disatancing guidelines ensured they would practice that on us and it was a resounding success)

If you just google "⁣darpa war robots" you can see several models that look very similar to the robots displayed in this video.

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