COVID THEATER: Biden’s vaccine mandate for employers was a bluff

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
08 Oct 2021

COVID THEATER: Biden’s vaccine mandate for employers was a bluff


Earlier in September, Joe Biden took to national television to rail at unvaccinated Americans and blame them for the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.

He talked about how he and others were getting “frustrated” with people who dared to take Democrats at their word when they claimed that it’s ‘their body, their choice’ regarding abortion (‘women’s health’) decisions.

Suddenly though, that excuse wasn’t good enough for the Coronavirus vaccine; Americans refusing the jab were called “anti-vaxxers” (not freedom lovers) and the excuse was made that abortion isn’t deadly contagious (though it is deadly for the unborn child).

“Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective, and free,” Biden said during his Sept. 9 address.

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And it’s caused by the fact that despite America having an unprecedented and successful vaccination program, despite the fact that for almost five months free vaccines have been available in 80,000 different locations, we still have nearly 80 million Americans who have failed to get the shot,” he added, directly — and falsely — blaming new infections on unvaccinated people (though even vaccinated Americans have been coming down with new infections as well).

Biden then went on to drop a bomb: He said his government would mandate that employers with more than 100 on staff would be required to force them to get the jab or else face a massive fine.

“I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees, that together employ over 80 million workers, to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week,” he proclaimed.

“The bottom line: We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers. We’re going to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across America,” Biden added, noting that large American corporations were already implementing the requirement on their own.

Subsequent reporting noted that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the Labor Department focused on employee safety, was responsible for issuing the rule. However, a new report suggests that the rule is not forthcoming and in fact, may never be issued at all.

That was the impression left by White House press secretary Jen Psaki just this week in response to a reporter who noted that OSHA had not even begun the process of issuing a rule:

“Folks, this looks like a complete con job, pushed by the Biden administration to provide cover for corporations to create a mandate on their own. Meaning the intent of the announcement was to create momentum for increased vaccinations, while the Biden regime never did or does intend to use OSHA as a national enforcement mechanism,” The Conservative Treehouse reported.

“There are three elements: (1) Federal worker mandate; (2) Federal contractor mandate; and the big controversial one, (3) a national worker mandate for companies with over 100 employees,” the site continued, noting that three weeks later, nothing has been offered up or is forthcoming.

“Think about this. This is the largest nationwide change to employment eligibility requirement in U.S. history. Nothing else is even close… and yet, if you didn’t watch the Biden announcement or read the media discussion about the Biden announcement, you wouldn’t be able to find a single detail about it – anywhere,” the site continued.

Had this been a serious effort on the part of the Biden regime, the site continues, then there would be daily or near-daily updates for affected companies on how the rule was proceeding and directing them to updated sources of information.

But none of that is going on; instead, companies are merely enacting their own mandates without being told to do so.

Some of that is likely political; corporate CEOs are no longer in the pockets of Republicans but rather ideologically aligned with big government left-wing Democrats. But the other part may be due to actual fear that a mandate is coming.

Except — one isn’t.

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