Covid Sample Does Not Exist Anywhere & The Vaxx Creates The "Variants"(It's All A

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30 Aug 2021

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Sources used in video:

Covid still never isolated and does not exist -

When someone says wear a mask -

This is why we're ****ed -

4 newborns die in Australia due to draconian lockdowns -

Rescue mission unknown to Potatohead -

Potatohead has no plan -

The vaxx creates the "variants" -

Afghan refugees don't have to get the vaxx -

CDC solved all diseases, now on to gun violence -

Govt paying companies to incentivize vaccines -

Look at the cash Potatohead left the taliban, 30 second mark -

Democrats take over elections -

Harvard appoints atheist head of religion -

Mom stripped of parental rights in Chicago for not getting vaxx -

No moola for you phony CNN "mom" -

Commiefornia lets RFK killer out of jail -

In case you're asleep, banks are canceling conservatives -

Even dogs know you don't leave anyone behind -

Steve Inman -

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Cogburn2013 2 months ago

Another idiot stuck in the left/right paradigm.

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