Covid-19 Alert-21 (2021) Last Message for Humanity - Calling all Law Enforcement

03 Mar 2021

⁣“If you work in law enforcement, please watch this video before humanity is destroyed and draw your personal conclusions.

You, who are committed so that we can all live in peace.

You, who have made a commitment so that we can all live in

You, who made a commitment to put assassins and criminals
behind bars.

We are all in danger. So are your friends and family.

ALERT-21 is a Documentary format video that questions and
brings to the fore what 99% of journalists and mainstream media will NEVER tell
you and will NEVER show you on the reality of the C0V.10.9 《pandemic
(word changed for censorship), and on the future of this world and of our human
rights and freedoms, all in a clear and concise manner, with the help of
various stakeholders, scientists, health experts, doctors and others, as well
as the appearance of some policemen and gendarmes aware of the things.

"Are you a policeman or a gendarme and are you
convinced and awake to what is going on?

Time is running out, so send this video to all your
colleagues, superiors, friends, etc.

⚠📲 Are you just a
convinced and awake human being?

So share this video en masse so that it can tour the world,
and be seen by law enforcement officials.

If you know anyone working in law enforcement or have
friends / acquaintances who do, send them this video as well.

OFFICIAL ALERT-21 POSTER to print and drop off in police
stations and gendarmeries:

ALERT-21 official poster (FR):

(google account required for download)

ALERT-21 official poster:

(google account required for download)

Instagram: florianpianafilms

(teaser to share + news)

Creator of the ALERT-21 video:

Florian Piana (writing, editing, mixing, voice-over and
video introduction)

English translation (subtitles):

Sarah Stephanie Gobert

I would especially like to thank Vincent, Salyma and Fabien
for their help in writing this video as well as the others who preferred to
remain anonymous.


-> All the sources and names are in the end credits

Who am I ?

I define myself first and foremost as a human being.

But to describe myself in a few words, I am mainly a
director, editor, and above all 《artist / content creator》,
I indeed create my own personal videos / films independently.

of my professional activity in the field of video production
in which I share my vision of life.

In the videos I create, as in my everyday life, I try to
help, inspire, and bring maximum value to others and within this world in
everything I do. through my actions. The video business is my favorite way to
do these things besides being my real passion.

I created the ALERT-21 video / film on a voluntary basis,
which is non-profit.

I am registered on the Odysee platform in order to be able
to distribute this type of creation due to the extreme censorship of
traditional platforms.

I would fight in the name of my freedom, and in the name of
a better, more beautiful, more just, freer world through non-violent civil
disobedience vis-à-vis the ineffective, deceptive and criminal measures imposed
on us, and of the Dictatorship, hoping that the population will do the same and
that from today, that is the whole purpose of the film ALERT-21.

To support my work:

Source: Florian Pia

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