Counter Terrorism In Australia

21 May 2021

⁣National Socialist Network Telegram: ⁣

Statement from the National Socialist Network:
"⁣We have produced a video essay exposing what the criminals in the Australian government are doing with their ‘Inquiry into extremist movements and radicalism in Australia’.

For those who do not have the time to watch the full video essay, the short explanation is that Australia is run by a ruling class of dysgenic vermin who got where they are by doing whatever Jews and international plutocrats tell them to do. They want to crush political dissent by labelling anyone who dares to question their innate right to rape our land and destroy our people a terrorist. Under existing laws they can’t do this, as the laws mostly ban activities that would actually be counted as terrorism by reasonable people.

So to change the laws, they are holding a so-called “inquiry into extremism” which will give them an excuse to expand those laws to the point where peaceful political activist groups like ours can be proscribed as terrorist organisations. That means that anyone who is associated with that group can be thrown in prison for 10 years if the system can prove that they remained a member after the ban. They hate National Socialism so much that they would rather destroy their own democracy, than let us exist.

Regardless, we’ve got to keep up our struggle, otherwise it will just give them the green light to make things worse and worse. Never give in to tyrants, because it only encourages them"

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