Corruption, Confusion & Control of Thought (Thoth) - Esoteric Hip Hop Mix ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
11 Oct 2021

This is tying in a lot about thought, thoth, mentalism- the 1st Natural Law Principle, and how the dark factions have been working beyond antiquity to pervert and distort the Laws of Nature, the frequencies of life and consciousness on this planet, and our own metaphysical templates to their own benefit for domination, control and harvesting of energies.. We're going to shatter some illusions and deceptions about what people, especially awakened to whatever degree, have come to know about such things as the annunaki, thoth, atlantis, kabbala, occult knowledge, sacred geometry and the golden ratio.. all that and much more can be verified in works such as the ascension glossary(.com), and along side with several books, videos and articles from Ashayana Deane to say the least..

This was inspired by Sethikus Boza's dissertation of the betrayal of thoth and the rise of asar, a 7hr presentation about some of the most occulted, obfuscated and twisted facts about the fall of Atlantis and mankind.. This is, in a sense, a dedication to his work and an open invitation for you to check out much more of what he has been teaching for years.

I could've arranged some of the tracks and cuts differently or more chronologically, since there is much to be taken in with this one.. Much consideration was given with everything in this project beyond what is heard in this mix while trying to respect the context of information in the vocal recordings assembled over beats.. the first track mentions "sacred" geometry and since it's a bit ambiguous, i used it in reference to the distortions of life force energy and how we are essentially cut off from that due to metatronic reversals, the fibonacci death virus, and many other dark overlays that play on the real, but key us into their inverted gridworks.. i've been deceived by what i thought was "sacred geometry" and other new age notions just as much as the next man, but i've been able to let it go and be open to the real..

this hinges on the false timelines of what's been propagated since the fall of Atlantis.. the transhumanist timeline and many other draconian measures that have our minds and thoughts shaped and distorted.. and now in our present era, we see the transhumanist trajectory in the merging of man & machine, more synthetic connections and detachment to nature and linking our brains up to A.I.. this mix ain't all doom and gloom tho, as we'll get into some empowerment to take our minds back and come into our authentic selves operating on heart-based intelligence


Inception - Jewelz Infinite
Therapist - Kaotic Souls
Rendered By Rapture - Formula Abstract
Powerfull - T.S. (Magi) ft. by Eligh
Thought Seeds - DJ Frane
Prison Ov The Mind (snippet) - Cypha 7 ft. Medusa
Deep Thoughts (Diving) - New Moon
Irreconcilable Instrumental - Sub-Conscious
Mind In The Asylum (snippet) - Jamalski Roughneck Reality Massive
Thots Lost In Intermission - Various
Songs In The Key Of Tryfe - Semi Official ft. MF Doom
Invisibility - The Cloaks
Where Thawght Is Worshiped 4.4 - Thawfor ft. by Opus
Thebutt - Can Be
The Gaspers - Pep Love
Shadowtalk - Stranded
Triple Stages - Darkleaf
Patterns - Magnificent Abolitionist ft. E.I.G
Hazey Elements - Nomadik Mind Travlers
Drums of War - Defiance
Unlocked - Kaotik Souls
Knowledge Vs. Wisdom - Dj Vadim
Unseen Hand - Souls of Mischief
Illuminated Sunlight - MOOD
Interlude of Thots in and out of in-finity
Oblivion - Subcontents
Thought Process - Secluded Journalists
Thoughts - Acid Reign
Isolation Instrumental - Elusive
How Could I Ever - Aesop
Solution Poem - Sub-Division
Is It Too Late?? - Esoin ft. Daysmen Empire
Body and Mind - Mystik Journeymen
Question Everything - Per Aa Ra
Ten Things Instrumental - Mind Mechanics
Dsb Style - The Prunes
Cosmosis - Huff

--my song/artist selections are not just limited by who and what i know, but also by some strict and ever-changing copyright laws--

This mix is very heavy and took a lot of time to conceptualize, construct and edit.. there's around 150 tracks, cuts & sound bytes in this unique project.. 99.9% of the the vocal snippets i used are from Sethikus Boza and his videos: Betrayal of Thoth and the Rise of ASAR, The Art of Hyper-Dimensional Warfare, Magi Grail Shaman - Dejdhi_ Codes of the Nartmongue, Cosmic Law of Alchemy, and Labyrinth of the 9 veilz pt.1.. That's a good 15hrs of content right there and i've listened to all of these multiple times- some of the best material i've ever heard.. so much love and respect to that man!

recorded in 432Hz.. what about 444? 417?

PEACE from a cosmic law state of mind
-Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind- the monicker is not just for the inner mind, but the mind of the heart; Care, the generative principle, and the mind of the guts; Courage and the will-force to bring about progressive change in your life and others thru right action

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