Coronavirus hoax - heroes LIE here

19 Jul 2020

Coronavirus hoax - heroes LIE here. The news would have you think hospital staff and nurses are heroes. Wear a mask for a virus hoax. People have yet to know or know of anyone with this coronavirus hoax and yet the government and news media push their agenda. Most people don't take it seriously because they know the truth. Little masks will not protect anyone against the common cold let alone a "deadly virus." Run for your lives everyone there's a fake virus. The only REAL VIRUS is the government and news media. EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS SCRIPTED! THEY want you to know what they want you to know. WAKE UP. SPREAD THE WORD! SHARE THIS VIDEO!
#virushoax #covidhoax #coronavirushoax

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Vitto Tito
Vitto Tito 10 months ago


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unknown 1 year ago

Oh my World, I didn’t know that even applauses were fake. Pure manipulation of people’s energies. But if you think of that, someone has to put this idea of applause and than use it in its own way. Nothing comes out of nowhere. Like with this fake reversed rainbows in UK, totally the opposite of what it supposed to be

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