CONFIRMED : Nanochips in Vaccines

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
04 Dec 2021

More Evidence

Stew Peters 4th December 21

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RobiMac 1 month ago

It was recently brought to my attention that there are two necessary entities for the end of days to proceed.
The first, the Bible said that Israel had to be reborn as a nation, in a single day. It did, May 14th, 1948. It kicked off the end of days.

The second, and likely final entity is the one that will end the end of days, and that is AI. The antichrist will rule and control the world via the AI matrix, and the super juice jab is just for starters. The book of Revelation tells us how it all ends. Sadly, the world will realize much too late, that the Bible was NEVER a book of fairy tales. Revelation has just jumped to life.

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