China Runs Our Government & Has Infiltrated All Institutions Of Power & Influence - Potatohe

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Aimless News
08 Jul 2021

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Sources used in video:

Trump to sue big tech -

Is Trump still really in charge -

President of Haiti assassinated -

China has infiltrated and controls Potatohead Biden -

China now runs recruitment for NSA -

Potatohead Biden is a complete fool -

Taliban celebrate Potatohead Bidens withdrawal by seizing weapons -

Japan ready to join US in defending Taiwan -

Diesel EV? -

George Foreman Olympic Gold medal 1968 -

Ungrateful spoiled brats US womens soccer team -

Pelosi and Feinstein involved with dominion voting machines -

Pelosi sending capitol cops to harass you in your state -

Facebook bans anyone charged on Jan 6th -

Mexico has crazy hailstorm -

HAARP is the agency controlling the weather -

PDF explaining what HAARP can do -

Steve Inman -

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Goffball1971 2 months ago

Great News!

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Julian Irving
Julian Irving 3 months ago

Great video

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