⁣CERN- Occult Ritual Performed On The Grounds Of CERN 2016

Suzie Etc.
Suzie Etc.
05 Jul 2022

⁣CERN and its Occult Roots
Today 7/5/22 - CERN plans to Power up to its highest level ever, so I wanted to share the following article that I wrote in 2018
This article pertains to the bizarre Inaugural ceremony at CERN (in 2008 or so) and its Connection to the Bottomless Pit...
If you would have attended the CERN inauguration you would have witnessed a very bizarre occult-like ceremony, and you would have been very disturbed by what you witnessed. In this message I present a synopsis of that event...
The term “CERN” comes from the god of the underworld CERNenos.
When they inaugurated CERN, it commenced with a prayer from priests of the various religions. These are always intended to condition mankind to the coming universal religion.
The main symbol at the ceremony and some of the costumes was a staff with a goat head representing CERNenos the horned god, also connected with Pan the Greek god of nature (Matt 16:18); when Jesus declared that the gates of hell will not prevail over the church, it is believed that He was standing before an image of one of these false gods.
The ritual then proceeded in the following sequence of performances and images:
- Fertility dancers in their underwear, in honor of the fertility god; CERNenos.
- Gender blending images as well as an angel of light (lucifer).
- Men with chains in their hands, symbolic of the fallen angels being trapped in the underworld, again symbolic of CERNenos, the god of the underworld (2 Peter 2:4).
- Entities climbing up ropes as if ascending from the underworld.
- Image of a Lamb to be sacrificed, followed by performers in fallen angel costumes.
- Elements of nature worship.
- A parade featuring the military, the people of the world, and then the pope, culminating with the image of the women in red (as in the coming beast kingdom of Rev. Ch. 13, 17).
- Then the bizarre ceremony features workers doing a dance; the Shiva dance of destruction, which culminates with them again removing their work clothes and continuing their dance in a sexually provocative fashion wearing just their underwear.
- A large Screen shows three workers which manifest into 3 spirits. We read in Revelation 16:13-14 of three unclean spirits coming out of the dragon, beast, and false prophet!
- On the large screen we see the inner world open up into the outer world (the second heaven), and a gateway opens up to allow CERNenos in.
- THREE beetles appear which in Egyptian and Gnostic teachings signify immortality and regeneration.
- There appears an image of bestiality in the form of a Baphomet like costume.
- Then the performers all gather under an upside down tree symbolic of the underworld (I believe it may represent satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil).
- The tree converts into a mechanical opening like a CERN machine opening its door (portal) and a lady in a red costume appears. This lady is pregnant, and engages in some kind of satanic ritual (like the woman riding the beast of Rev. 17).
- The screen shows a large clock representing time, and the hands of the clock start bending, as in one of the objective of CERN to bend or affect time and space.
- Finally, all the performers bow down to time; to Chronos the god of time.
Clearly this satanic ceremony which was a mass public ritual; honored only the gods of this world; specifically the fallen one as their god!
The bible speaks of a time when the bottomless pit is opened and creatures come forth including Abaddon, the angel of the bottomless pit; the destroyer (Rev. 9:11).
At the CERN headquarters we see a statue of Shiva the Hindu goddess; the destroyer of the universe!
In closing, we can discern that whatever is released from CERN will be from the underworld.
Since the dedication clearly and openly revealed the purpose of CERN, there should be little doubt that they are willing to open the gates of hell for whatever hidden knowledge and powers they can attain!
They may think it will empower mankind, but it will only give lucifer more access and control over this world and its inhabitants!
I believe CERN is already contributing to the darkness that we see unleashing throughout the world right before our eyes.
Some experts believe that as CERN releases more and more dark matter, it will affect people, and they are going to become more and more violent, and demonstrate signs of derangement and mental illness.
It is believed that they already have developed a weapon that releases dark matter to cause chaos, affect emotional mental condition of its subjects. It could certainly be used for mind control over certain people and whole areas.
Aren’t we already witnessing an exponential increase in chaos, madness and violence all over the world?
Jesus already said that men’s hearts will grow cold because of rampant evil, and God may be allowing the use of modern technology and weapons to fulfill these end time prophecies.
We can clearly see that CERN certainly has demonic roots, and may indeed be used by the luciferian elites as a gateway for the release of the fallen ones!
We are truly living in the times of Noah (Genesis 6, 1 Enoch 12:4-5), where every thought of man is becoming progressively evil.

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pearsch 1 month ago

Obviously, none of their names are in the Book of Life.

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