CDC Caught Shaving Deaths From The VAERS System

02 Mar 2021

Global Report: There Is NO Deadly Virus -

Link to UK Governments Website confirming the downgrading of Covid19 on 19th March 2020 -

Learn The Risk (Brandy Vaughan) -

The 'Independent' governing body overseeing the Pfizer Vaccine.....funded guessed it -

Rockefeller Operation Lockstep (2010) -

Expose the Great Reset -

Stop New Normal -

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Belaa 7 months ago

Everything reported to us is a lie. I don't personally know anyone who has died from the Vax. (Yet) But a couple people I know are NOT the same as they were before. Uncontrollable body movements for one lady. Shes 72 and had covid over the summer and it was mild. She's very healthy. She also has suddenly had paranoia.

Lady #2 can no longer dress herself. She's in her 60s. She went from taking herself to the bathroom to being in adult diapers and incontinent.

Lady #3 super paranoid. Seeing things that aren't there.

Very odd. And scary.

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SpreadThisInfo 7 months ago

If she already "had covid" (something we can't actually determine because the tests do not work) then why in the world would she get vaccinated for it? You don't get vaccinated for something you've already

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