CDC admits 96% did not die from COVID19

Watch Out
Watch Out
30 Apr 2021


Death certificates list any causes or conditions that contributed to the death, the CDC/NCHS Mortality Statistics Branch tells in a statement.
"These causes are entered into the death certificate by a physician, medical examiner, or coroner, and there may be more than one cause or condition listed."
Any clinician who has had experience deciding on what to list as cause of death on a death certificate, understands that the diagnoses chosen involve a great deal of discretion and judgement. In most cases, there are multiple contributing diagnoses, and it is common practice to list more than one factor.
This isn’t just an issue when COVID-19 is a factor.
Underlying diabetes or coronary artery disease are common diseases that contribute to mortality, even when the immediate trigger for death was pneumonia, influenza, or some other infectious process.

Explained in a few words, 96% did not die from COVID19, but with COVID19. [294]

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