Car theft that went terribly wrong | Uber Eats driver killed

Watch Out
Watch Out
27 May 2021

⁣Newly released video of a Washington, D.C. carjacking appears to show the driver hanging onto the side of his car as the suspects try to drive it away. Mohammed Anwar, 66, was working as an Uber Eats delivery driver when two teenage girls, 13 and 15, allegedly tried to steal his car.

The car then accelerated and crashed. The witness recording the incident ran down the street and found the car flipped on its side and two teens climbing out of the wreck. Anwar was killed in the crash. The two girls were arrested and charged with felony murder and armed carjacking.

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5 months ago

This is good to know the high percentages in these metro areas, as I do and will always watch my back. When I am on the road this video will be a memory for my safety. Thank you for sharing!

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BryGuy 5 months ago

If I become a victim....are you ****ing kidding me!! It's because of mainstream media kids think they can get away with this!!m No ****ing accountability from these trash reporters as they tell people to defund the police and black lives matter. What a ****ing joke and this asshat karen should be ashamed of herself!

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José Silva
José Silva 5 months ago

Well, this why I "don't like free" and multiracial countries. Too much freedom and to much mix races is bad for all.

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