Canada police at post office refuse to let unvaccinated inside

28 Dec 2021

⁣Canada police at post office refuse to let unvaccinated inside.
This man is standing up for his rights...this is what everyone should be doing. Freedom is being taken away slowly, painlessly, comfortably. Are you waiting for someone to restore your freedom and make covid go away? KEEP WAITING! IT STARTS WITH YOU! NO MASKS, NO COMPLIANCE!

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dean caldwell
dean caldwell 4 months ago

Finally, everyone can see that cops are the largest, most violent, most evil, criminal, most vicious, biggest liars, greatest thieves, most dangerous and most untrustworthy gang on the planet is the crooked blue line. They have murdered more people, stole more goods & money, committed more serious crimes than all gangs together!! Also, they are the biggest cowards to walk the earth!

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Sunwood 5 months ago

It's a trick don't sign anything.

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Mark Alan King
Mark Alan King 5 months ago

crooked cops are thug gangsters

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