Calling All Patriots - The Time to Make The Move is Now!

03 Mar 2021

Get wise to whats going on people… so there was this 'plan'....well dont forget about the original plan' -The U.S constitution clearly states what to do in the event of a tyrannical government seizing power and we might be going there sooner than we think....this is a time that ‘We The People’ - NEED to UNITE - for the cause that ‘might’ bebefore us. Be aware of Sheriff Richard Mack's excellent plan to take back the country and you can see in my vids some of his lectures. The time to make the move as he describes is NOW. Regardless of political party, it seems many citizens are questioning the political soundness of decisions currently being made and people are on the fence in either camp, so the idea is take opportunities to find ways to unite fellow Americans – not divide. One thing is clear – President Trump continues to unite the American people and is revolutionizing the thinking of many Americans. While we wait for 'the plan' Patriots need to start mobilizing the plan set forth by Sheriff Mack. Still be aware of the people still ‘asleep’ and blinded by the propaganda of the mainstream media and many may never wakeup. You have to call it what is is - people are either Patriots or Traitors to the U.S Constitution at this point, and there is a line in the sand…actually there are two lines in the sand – one line to be checked, and one line to be guarded. The one line to be checked - someone is either a Patriot or a Traitor at this stage of the game – a Patriot stands for the U.S Constitution as it is - or they are a Traitor to the United States.Get to know the neighbors you could count on and the neighbors to avoid if things start heading south. Line in the sand # 2 – to be guarded - UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO PATRIOTS GIVE UP THEIR GUNS OR COMPLY WITH A MANDATORY GUN BUY BACK - THATS THE ONLY THING HOLDING BACK THE COMMUNISTS AT THIS POINT. THE PLAN? PATIENCE IS GROWING THIN...WHILE WE WAIT LETS START MOBILIZING WITH SHERIFF MACK'S DIRECTION AND THE 'ORIGINAL PLAN' - ITS THE US CONSTITUTION - AND IT MAY BE WE ALL NEED TO TAKE BACK USA ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION NOW OR LOSE THE OPPURTUNITY - PATRIOTS UNITE!


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American Patriots, the mainstream media has become the bought and paid for ‘propaganda bullhorn’ for George Soros, CCP China and the Marxist Communist agenda.Dont be fooled - we are now in a WAR - a Cyber Attack - A 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' has occurred with the compromised election via foreign interference through the Dominion voting machines. They wanted Joe Biden in as he will pass the legislation they need to completely take over USA - from the inside out –and it looks like he’s doing exactly what they want him to do – its time Patriots…Its Time to Unite & Time to Mobilize

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