bronies make me depressed...

23 Nov 2021

In this video I cover the "bronie" fandom and the bronies inside of it. Why does one become a brony? What has to happen to turn a normal adult into a fan of My Little Pony : Friendship is magic? I wish I knew...

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DISCLAIMER: All the content that I upload to this channel is meant only as satire and comedy. I have no ill will towards anyone I talk about in my videos. Please do not attack anyone or anything I talk about.
Tnx :)

Note for the bronys watching: I have nothing against you, feel free to watch whatever you want and cosplaying as Rainbow Dash and clopping or whatever you like to do. I just like to rant about things I find weird and make jokes about them and I do not hate you. If you feel like I got something wrong about the mlp fandom or you want to explain yourself and why you are a brony in my comments you are more then welcome to.

Pretty dark down here huh? ◉_◉

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