BREAKING NEWS UPDATE On FDA Covid Booster Update and Report In The Public Domain

18 Sep 2021

⁣This is a public update from FDA on covid vaccine booster approval. Also I should mention that people might want to think about the dangers of 5G that most are overlooking. I recently began a heavy metal detox when I noticed my collarbone was magnetic and no I haven't taken the magic juice they giving out but thats even more cause for alarm if you ask me. So I did some rigorous research and found some info on NAC maybe helping until I ran across natural zeolite which is used to detox heavy metals and radiation toxicity which seemed pretty fascinating and interesting. So I dove deeper and find out that it has a negative charge to it naturally. This meens it acts like a magnet to attract toxins and its structure is coincidentally porous or cage-like. It is also very stable so it stays in tact for the whole chelation period of 5-7 hours making it act like a literal magnetic sponge seemingly perfect for detoxing heavy metals and radioactive isotopes. I hope this helps someone trying to detox heavy metals after figuring out that 5G is causing these flu like symptoms 🤔🤔
Be careful not to buy those generic brands without researching because some are junk and not natural but synthetic and impure or not micronized the right size to enter the bloodstream. I use these people After a month or so Of taking this with NAC
I don't seem to be magnetic anymore. Not that it was a strong magnetism before but a magnet did clearly stick before. Enough to make me question why they are putting this graphene oxide which is a superconductor in everything we eat,drink, breathe, and yea especially the magic potion they trying to force on people. Also, I have family that have had it and I wanted to help. This stuff has shown me results and will definitely be useful to anyone and everyone needing to detox heavy metals that are accumulating inside everybody. To learn more about the Convid and 5G connection check this out or visit my channel to learn about zeolites more.
Disclaimer: I must say don't take any of this as medical advice because this is not medical advice and I'm not qualified to give medical advice. These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. This is just for informational and educational purposes only and you should do your own research. This is based on my own personal experiences and testimonies. No studies have been made on using zeolite to detox graphene . I'm just looking at the characteristics of everything and saying it seems like a logical candidate.And I wanted to share this with people in hopes of helping anyone who needs it. I have seen positive results personally or I wouldn't have said anything. It may or may not be the answer but it definitely helps to detox the heavy metal toxins and radiation and it does that very well and is documented and proven it. Be careful around 5G

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