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02 Jun 2022



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How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Like Father, Like Son 12: Exposing Hunter Biden (Video)
by N.Morgan It is time to dive into Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" - as we close down on the Burisma affair and, at the same time, we find more damning proof of Hunter's incestuous relationships and pedophilia.
It is time to dive into Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” – as we close down on the Burisma affair and, at the same time, we find more damning proof of Hunter’s incestuous relationships and pedophilia.

Be warned, that the things you are about to see will make you nauseous and question why God even permits humanity to exist anymore. Hunter’s laptop has been in the possession of the DOJ and FBI for at least a year and yet nothing has happened.

You can see contents of Hunter’s laptop here: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Exposed: Horrifying Child Porn, Drugs, Corruption- Must See (Videos)
Blackmail is the name of the game. They all need to have dirt on each other to keep themselves “safe” from one another.

Hunter Biden and Malia Obama, Barack Obama’s daughter. Smoking crack and snorting coke , you just have to look at Malia’s credit card … Note that in 2018 she was not 18 yet.

There’s no honor among thieves, killers, and pedophiles. Within the exclusive Yale University, 15 children of very wealthy families are co-opted every year to join a Satanic secret society. One that includes ghoulish rituals: Skull and Bones.

Hunter Biden’s close relationship with Chris Heinz stands out. We don’t know for sure whether Hunter is a Bonesman, but the chances are high.

Sexual photos of minors were found on the laptop of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax TV on Tuesday (October 20). “There is sexual depravity in all of this, it is disgusting” According to Trump’s attorney, Hunter Biden wrote to his father that his (then) wife Hallie Olivere was accusing him of inappropriate behavior with minors. She didn’t like Hunter talking naked on Facetime with a 14-year-old girl whose name was deliberately withheld in the correspondence. (Yes because Hunter flirted with his brother’s wife…)

The attorney notes that in addition to these messages, “numerous photos of minors” were found on the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s computer. The lawyer also adds that he sent all documents to the police in the US state of Delaware.

So here what what inside Hunter’s Laptop: ( please note we don”t have all the videos/photos available yet. )

While the device became illustrious for providing alleged evidence of the Biden family’s corrupt transactions in Ukraine and China, as well as salacious footage of Hunter Biden that have since been leaked (see below), it also contained a lot of sensitive and even top secret data, such as the names and email addresses of Secret Service agents who protected Joe Biden when he was US Vice President.

Now, if the new Daily Mail report is to be believed, it turns out that all of this data were only protected by a simple password, “Hunter02”.


The hardwares, none of which has been encrypted or protected by anything as basic as two-factor authentication, includes:

Joe Biden’s personal cell phone number and three private email addresses as well as the names of his Secret Service agents;

The cell phone numbers of former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton and almost everyone in former President Barack Obama’s cabinet; A database of 1,500 people including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, former presidential candidate John Kerry and former FBI boss Louis Freeh;

Personal documents including Hunter Biden passport, driver’s license, social security card, credit cards and bank statements; Details of Hunter Biden’s drug problems and sexual deviance, including $ 21,000 spent on a “live cam” pornographic website and “selfies” of him engaging in sex acts and smoking crack cocaine;

These exposed videos are just the tip of the iceberg of the Biden family’s evidence of crimes, but they can provide insight into how the Chinese Communist Party has used extreme sexual corruption to control Western politicians.

Young children used as sex slaves are not isolated cases. Every year, large numbers of children go missing in China ( Milliosn aroundthe world ), and cases of human trafficking are endless. Children’s orphanages all over China are in fact markets for trafficking in children. The scandal of sexual assault and molestation in kindergartens that erupted earlier in Chinese online media has also disappeared. (This kindergarten is indexed in the United States and is directly run by senior Chinese Communist Party member Meng Jianzhu)

This is a nationwide systematic crime channel targeting many national political figures, business celebrities, media moguls, Hollywood stars… It’s not just about sex crimes, in fact the deep state is using this as a button to control the power figures of the world and bring the world to surrender to Communism .

The world we live in has actually been shrouded in darkness. Every ordinary person, every civilian, must wake up stop being deceived.

The free world has been completely infiltrated and corrupted by the Chinese Communist Party. ( deep state ) People need to realize that your home is no longer a safe home. If we ignore every current victim, each of us will soon become a slave to a facist Communist world goverment.

Hunter Biden slept with the wife of his late brother Hallie Biden, tand engaged in sexual activities witth his late brother’s daughter. (Photos above)

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