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Brain Summit 2021

15 Oct 2021

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In the Brain Summit, 20+ Experts teach you how to increase mental energy, control your emotions, stop overthinking, enter into peak states of focus & learning and reclaim your brain from trauma, stress and fear.…for free.

Join our panel of global experts as they show you how to improve your emotional regulation, increase focus & memory, revitalize your energy, optimize brain health, deepen connections and so much more.

Topics Covered:
MENTAL PERFORMANCEMaster your mind to build resilience,
inner strength and the happiness needed for a deeply satisfying life.

MUSIC ON THE BRAINDiscover how playing an instrument, as well as the emerging field of sound brain fitness, can make lasting changes in your brain.

BRAIN FOODSeparate real science from hype as we explore which foods can boost focus, mood and give you added protection against Alzheimer’s.

GUT-BRAIN CONNECTIONResearch now shows the direct link from the gut to the brain. Can depression, anxiety and autism be treated in the gut?

EMOTIONAL REGULATIONAmplify your ability to strengthen your responses to stress, trauma and crisis.

ALZHEIMER’S DISEASETake control of modifiable risk factors that can reduce your chances of developing the disease.

NEURO-TECHGet the latest on personal wearable devices that can improve your mood, to clinical neurofeedback that can help with PTSD, depression and Autism.

MINDFULNESSDiscover how to use this scientifically proven technique to ease depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, as well as boost peak performance.

MEMORY IMPROVEMENTLearn step by step techniques to prime your brain to store information in the correct state for optimal retrieval.

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