Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
24 Nov 2021

⁣The more we awaken, the more there is an opposing force trying to derail and drag us back into the Matrix prison.

This is a natural part of the awakening process and a test for overcoming
the ego.

When we succumb to these outside influences, you find that you
are being pulled in the wrong direction. Just look at the QR craziness that takes place and the vaccination compulsion that reveal Chinese communist scenes worldwide.If instead we overcome these challenges of the superior but ego disguised as good citizenship, we will come out
stronger than when we went in at the beginning of the Covid circus.

Anyone who is mechanical in nature, that is, lives from his conditioned mind
rather than from the connection with his soul, can become the
unconscious channel and conduit of unseen forces working through these
individuals to derail others on the evolutionary path of awakening and
real transformation.
Because these individuals are unconscious, they
will not be able to discern the true origin of their thoughts, actions
and behavior, which are usually the result of their mechanical programs
or thought paradigms of external forces working through their blind
This is how the matrix society is structured.

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