Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
23 Jun 2022

⁣Military shutdowns and arrests begin this week and will continue for the next 13 days/nights. Some international raids have already begun. Italy has also been found complicit in our election fraud.
Everyone is getting emergency notifications on their phones, TVs, radios and the internet. It overwrites all other broadcasts and can last several hours at a time. Don't be afraid of what is coming because it is for the safety of our nation as this unfolds.
DO NOT travel to large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month. There will be military operations in many of the major corrupt cities. People will start rioting as soon as this information breaks because they believe Trump is a military dictator. He has only 13 days to put this dog to sleep.

The implementation of the riot act began after the raid on the Capitol and was marked by Trump's call for people to disband and return home. That broadcast was largely blocked by the media. Nonetheless, his address met the requirements to initiate the law.
Marines and National Guard troops will be moved as needed for the riots that will begin after the national release of the information. The information will be looped for all to see and hear, and will be several hours long. The system was reviewed just a few days ago by the FCC, which put ALL media on notice that they cannot block the flow of information under federal laws.
Trump will be moved like a pawn continuously from now until the 20th to avoid retaliation against him and his family.
Trump had to exhaust ALL other legal means before this operation could begin. He gave everyone a fair chance to come clean and they refused.
His press release about a "smooth transition" did not include the word "cave" because he has no intention of doing so. Rather, there will be a smooth transition of power to his new Cabinet, staff, and Vice President

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