Blood was removed from the jabbed area of the arm within 30 minutes of shot!

21 Sep 2021

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itsonlyinfo1111 25 days ago

GREAT VID, a friend who has had the vaxxx seen this today and his reaction was of utter shock and looked like he was gonna be sick , he said he was gonna show this to all his friends ! . no wonder people are having heart attacks because as soon as this gene therapy leaks out of the muscle it does damage because of the clotting .people need to share this far and wide !!

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Toddski1963 27 days ago


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Whatareyou 28 days ago

Magnets from microwave ovens would pull it right out , use snake cris-cross cut! Vacuum cleaner suck out the rest of the poison! Dr. Fauci has some explaining to do! Gates, financed it!

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 28 days ago

wow... pretty heavy but you can see the blood is like gelatine

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 28 days ago

that was intense, and gross. But somehow uplifting? what a video man

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