Bilderberg 2022: Our Uncertain Future - Reviewing Their Agenda & The Big Picture

Helio Wave
Helio Wave
12 Jun 2022

Bilderberg 2022: Our Uncertain Future - Reviewing Their Agenda & The Big Picture

The Bilderberg “elite” are right in line with the World Economic Forum on the Great Reset and basically all of their agenda items. There is also a big crossover between participants.

They are both operating under the same umbrella – the same organizations working in concert to concoct this new technocratic era.

An era that will dominated by “elite”

An era that will be rife with human rights abuses and the subversion of nations.

The Bilderberg Group has been nudging our political and societal trajectory for over 70 years and they are currently preparing for a massive change in geopolitical power. So, let’s see what they are discussing this year in Washington DC.

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RoxyTube 2 months ago

Yes, we are at war. Governments are attacking its own people with lies, hoaxes and brainwashing. This has been their plan for generations. They use schools, money, racism, movies, music and fake news to mold people into thinking a certain way. Now they are setting up fake shootings even more to try to take our guns. OUR GUNS are OUR RIGHT! THEY hate the Constitution and everything they are trying to do proves it. ZERO COMPLIANCE ALWAYS!

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Crazydazey79 2 months ago

Pilgrim society

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Matrix Enemy33
Matrix Enemy33 2 months ago

I love how tuned in and based @RoxyTube is. The fact that matters most is.. WE will wear the costumes and do the jobs THEY provide for us, so it will be the ones that say "I am/was just doing my job" who build the NWO and all it's facets that will bring humanity to it's knees. For instance, was it Stalin that actually killed millions, or was it the people in costume (uniform) who carried out every single dirty deed and murder for their order giving psychos? Humanities biggest threat is the ones who follow ever order and protect and also enable a ruling class of psychos to exist. Without us doing our jobs, they lose every ounce of power they have, until we build the robots that will replace us, and will carry out EVERY order without hesitance. We need to stop doing all their dirt under the guise of doing good for humanity. End the order followers, end tyranny, end the ruling class. period.

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