Biden Staffer Reveals the REAL Reason Behind the Mandates

19 Nov 2021

⁣Biden Staffer Reveals the REAL Reason Behind the Mandates. These are not laws, they are mandates. THESE ARE NOT LAWS! REMEMBER 2 WEEKS TO FLATTEN THE CURVE? 2 YEARS AGO? ME TOO.

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Joshua S
Joshua S 2 months ago

Yep!! We have no representation in Government. Jobs and livelihoods are being destroyed on the daily. The vaccine is killing people and it’s still being mandated. Here is my question and this makes people on the right cry like the left?? Why is Trump getting a pass on this? How is he not part of the depopulation agenda? He campaigned for months about the vaccine. He signed the emergency authorization for it. He said on live television he had to go over the FDA’s head. He defunded the WHO but put those funds into Gavi. Gavi is the global distributor of vaccines. Operation warp speed rapidly distributed the vaccines to other Countries. Even with all the death and harm from the vaccine he still supports today. Without Trumps tireless effort the vaccine wouldn’t have made it this far yet. You know these are facts. So how with all of this is Trump not responsible just like the others?

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