Biden Says Spending Bill Costs Nothing & Is The Supply Line Shortage Planned?

Aimless News
Aimless News
28 Sep 2021

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Sources used in video:

How would you bring down the US differently -

Dems are part of the plot against America -

Covid deaths all made up, funeral director blows the whistle -

Potatohead says spending bill would cost zero dollars -

Is this a planned orchestrated supply line shutdown -

Ships held up on the coast -

Panic gas hoarding starting in the UK -

This is good, but the courts are corrupted -

All the Haitians released all over the country -

Clot shot is suppressing cancer fighting cells -

Moment of truth for this idiot, and she has kids -

FDA approves use of a horse drug -

Media now goes after effective nasal spray -

Great news, Pfizer to make billions more with booster -

After this next round of billions, Pfizer CEO says we can return to normal -

Another batshit crazy white liberal woman pretends to be spanish - https://resistthemainstream.or....g/democrat-caught-fa

Steve Inman -

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john0207 4 days ago

I dont trust goverment atcall

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Bendover 15 days ago

Hey why does that surprise you that Biden took that “build back better” slogan? That guy has been stealing and pladgerizing things for years. Look it up.

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