Australia Officially Announces a 'New World Order' Shocking the Planet

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski
10 Sep 2021

⁣Australia Officially Announces a 'New World Order' Shocking the Planet

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Adam 1 month ago

BREAKING NEWS!!! VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!! Nobody is talking about 5G. I could be wrong and THIS IS JUST MY OPINION but, I think this virus BS is a distraction from 5G. That's why they are injecting graphene oxide in people. It amplifies the effects of 5G. The more metal in you the more susceptible you are to "covid19" The most common symptom of 5G radiation is your blood not being able to absorb oxygen along with other flu-like symptoms. We need to recognize this and protect ourselves by at least trying to detox heavy metals. 5G is the biggest threat to humanity next to this Death Vaxx!! The best natural detox supplement based on extensive research, personal, experience, and many others testimony is natural zeolite because it has a natural negative charge making it act like a magnetic sieve to attract these toxins and trap them in its porous (cage-like) structure for safe removal within 5-7 hours. Also zeolite is regularly used to detox radiation from nuclear fallout which is interesting. If you want to know where to get a quality natural source and not synthetic go here.--> <<-- Also to learn more about zeolites check this video out I hope this helps someone and encourages you to investigate. Just check into it!! All of a sudden nobody notices the constant rollout of 5G!! WAKE UP!

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