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Suzie Etc.
12 Jan 2022

⁣Federal Judge Halts Mandate for Health Care Workers in 10 States!

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MustardSeeds 4 months ago

Its On! Arrest Warrants For State Politicians Issued By Governor-General (Australia).. roxytube/ usa next... let Brandon...go. I agree stop ranting and lay the charges.. some due for over a few years.. this dangling in our face.. gone, so bad.// see hetrodyining/cloning EEG\targeted people/ BRAIN SIGNATURES, GET STOLEN by the people.. sell.. but military defense are using it to globally target .. and individuals ..directed energy.. new g5 is a microwave they can create resonate sound to damage or destroy/ could heal but decades covert uses.. almost anything; that is what pelosi is gearing up California with g5 towers.. and that lobby to defund the police,, see sherry's stories part 1.. you will have answers but much more .. confirmed.. these are serious crimes.. not covert anymore when know that

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