Army Rangers Smoked Some Crips in 1989: The Official Rumor Mill |Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
12 Jun 2022

A new viral video aboutthis incident is blowing up. Turns out, Popp’s Mossberg 12 gauge was at theshoot-out and a lot stuff is missing from said video.

#LiveFromTheLair#CripsVsRangers #ArmyRangers

Watch the viral video:

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Sbozgoz 1 month ago

Let's Make Americans Smart Again. At the end of the day the United States Inc is a Corrupt PEDO corporation that uses our own military against us [its own people] and we dont even know it. Also, their laws arent really laws, they are codes for their corrupt PEDO Corporation and here is the proof: Please share as there is a cure for corruption - Exposure.

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