American Media Periscope - Financial Matrix Control System

15 Mar 2021


CHECK IT OUT – Search Sheriff Richard Mack and listen to his lectures on how‘We the People’ can take back the country. Get wise to the plan he’s putting together, and get in touch with your local Sheriff and tell them what Sheriff Mack is proposing and get them onboard. Show them the videos of him and the CSPOA website - then start organizing in your local communities…looks like there’s a ‘new plan’ in town...

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KarenSebesta 6 months ago

I also heard that we have been to Mars a long time ago. That people are actually living there already. Some have been born there, etc.
Also heard that there is a Prison System set up on the Moon, for the criminals that have caused abuse to humanity, the children, etc. My idea is that it is true and that it is the only type of place that we cannot access these people when we find out what they have been doing for decades to our children especially...

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