Alien Technology, Black Goo, Chemtrails, Morgellons, Excellent Must See!!!

26 Sep 2021

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Excellent German scientist and journalist Harald Kautz Vella with Bases founder Miles Johnston talks about the planet life blood known as “black goo” and how an alien black goo was brought here to help the alien forces to live on earth, and the Bushes and Angela Merkel have their villas right on top of a massive underground tank of alien black goo! He talks about how an astral projector saw the alien forms inside his body and drew a spider like being with a human looking face! In a separate interview with Harold, Miles Johnston talks about how both he and Harold were attacked by demonic or sub-dimensional spiders, and Harold talks in depth about the science of what they are really doing with chemtrails, also being another confusing mix of perpetrators with differing agendas.
Disclaimer: I do not give medical advice and this video is for educational, entertainment, and infirmational purposes only.

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Ben Fowler
Ben Fowler 11 months ago

interesting topic.

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