Ali Vegas Exposes The Rituals He Saw Rappers Do For Fame

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
02 Dec 2021

Ali Vegas TV

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2 months ago

I've heard this for a while from black musicians/actors. However, this nonsense has also happened to white people. It's not just black people. And yes, it IS easy to take advantage of people who want something badly. So, the question was what to do? Remember the "me too" movement? Weinstein got arrested? They had to stop that. Lady who started that Asia Argento who ended up dead? Her boyfriend Anthony Bourdain (see that connection). You don't hear about "me too" anymore.

It's not like people aren't trying to stop it. But, the music world & Hollywood has been known for this for like forever. How to stop that? How do you stop the devil? This IS Hollywood which is connected to the music industry. If you could stop this you'd be God.

What the black community would have to do at this point because they made all this rap & smack "cool". You got no fathers in the home. Too much crime, by the time a black child in the ghetto is 6 or 7 they already have seen too much. I mean imagine, a kid, looks out the window & sees drugs selling, women walking for $$$, rudeness of all manner. Then let that child be hungry, no dad there to protect them. You'd be scared to death, imagine a 6-year-old. DO you want to walk to the school bus? I don't think so.

So, I have felt for a long time you have to get the poor kids (any color) out of these ghettos, take them from the mom & put them into private boarding schools. Make sure the schools are decent. When Oprah opened schools in Africa, that to me was a disgrace, she should have helped kids in HER own backyard first. Well, that is her money so be it.

But, the government, I think Trump would have understood this need for the chidlrens education & protection. It's the environment. The parents. It's too easy to blame all this on whites, this is why the Democrats do that. They have taken advantage & so have those so-called "black leaders". Give me a break. I want to see WHO is going to do this for the black children now.

This world isn't easy. White people don't have it all free & clear either. There are a lot of BAD people in all races. Know the truth, from this you can make progress (when you can name the devil). It's the environment these children are in... get them out of a bad environment.

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