Alex Jones Swings... Home run! 💯

Mike Savage
Mike Savage
05 Aug 2022

Alex Jones on trial for exercising Freedom Of The Press and Freedom Of Speech.

Speaking of Jeffrey...

⁣[Written to the tune of
Gilligan's Island. ©
Written by George Wyle &
Sherwood Shwartz]

Just sit right back and you'll
hear a tale.
Not from anyone's script.
This started on an island bought
to watch our daughters strip.

Jeffrey was a scandalous, money
man, his scams were smart and sure.
Caught with young flesh in his hand,
was fired in 74'.
He won't teach no more.

His life had started getting rough,
In a cell he had been tossed.
If not for the courage of the young
abused, the court case would be lost.
He Signed the book of Faust.

When he got out he moved his funds,
and bought a little isle...
For Clinton, and Prince Andrew.
These millionaire's always lie.
Some movie stars. Spacey, and
Weinstein and...
Here on Pedophile Isle.

{Full Version Continues}

Now this is a tale of evil ways,
Been happening for a long time.
It's time for us to address these things,
A message in a rhyme.

Epstein, even Maxwell too,
Made underage girls undress.
They'd command these young
girls to do, what we can only guess.
Ghislaine must confess.

No heart, no soul, no shining star,
not a single sympathy.
Just like Alister Crowley,
as sinister as can be.
The evil that we see.

So join us every week, my friend,
another one's on trial.
We won't stop until we end,
Things like Pedophile Isle.

Written by: Mike Savage
August 11th. 2021 ©

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