Alex Collier Answers Your Questions - From Webinar #4 - November 20, 2015 - Question #11

Mark Alan King
Mark Alan King
17 Jan 2022

Alex Collier has been for the past several years hosting a regular *LIVE* online seminar, called a webinar, as a part of the webinar Alex has answered questions from the audience. Here is one of the questions Alex answered during the webinar:


"Were you allowed to socialize with other Andromedans? Hang out? What activities were you involved in?"

Apologies for the quality of the video, the webinar system we were using had some teething troubles.

You can watch the full webinar here:

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If you would like to know more about Alex Collier you can do this by visiting his website: You can also view his past live webinars at: You can purchase a ticket to Alex's latest live webinar at: If you would like to speak with Alex Collier directly he offers 1-to-1 calls via Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal and you can book a time here: You can also visit Alex Collier's Facebook page here:


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