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Alchemy of Women’s Compassionate Action

15 Oct 2021

Alchemy of Women’s Compassionate Action

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This is the 4th Alchemy event of its kind, held in advance of the upcoming Parliament of the World’s Religions.
We will be inspired and activated by world renown speakers. The Alchemy of Women’s Compassionate Action invites women from all over the world to meet for a full morning of Alchemy with special guest speakers, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Rabbi, Dr. Tirzah Firestone and Grandmother Flordemayo, Kay Lindahl, Misa Hopkins and music from Ana Hernandez, Cristina Seaborn and led in a sacred water ceremony by Hummingbird Woman Athamis Bárbara Barbosa.

✔️We will dialogue and listen in.
✔️We will get into our bodies and heart.
✔️We will nurture our creativity and discover our courage.
✔️We will honor our compassion and power.
✔️We will all participate in a water ceremony.

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