Agenda 2030 & A Manufactured Food Crisis: Coincidence? Attack? Or Apart Of The Plan?

Helio Wave
Helio Wave
04 May 2022

Agenda 2030 & A Manufactured Food Crisis: Coincidence, Attack, Or Apart Of The Plan? Across the nation, food processing plants are mysteriously blowing up or catching fire, and it leaves us with a question…Is this all a coincidence?

A cyber-attack from foreign foes? Or is it apart of the overall plan?The one aspect that causes me pause is the fact that the subversion and control over the food market is a key aspect to their design of catastrophe. Dictating what you can buy at the store, what food you can purchase, is all tied into the central bank digital currencies, that’s why they have the cbdc’s as programmable.

It’s an all-encompassing plan. From economic & monetary control to social engineering & social authoritarianism. The agenda calls for dictating behavior by environmental policy, dictating what you can buy & where you can travel.

Now, if you tie that into their other restrictions, their desire to and so far, ability to determine what media you can see, watch, read, and engage with…

Well, they are taking control over everything and centralizing power.

This is not a road you want to go down.

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