19 Apr 2022


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MustardSeeds 2 months ago

g5 is a microwave on steroids.. is weaponized and is the source of our data theft.. the system itself is designed for total intrusion even into our --biosystems... turning us into nanorouters.. they are evil.. this is a good article.. since all **global citizens should be altered to the danger of allowing anyone to be sold on we need it.**no they need it* we need it properly de-weaponized in it's current uses*that essential means out of the perps hands targeting the global citizenry and into sane humans who do not kill their fellow citizens all ethnic groups are at risk and they play with genetics as if their job.. my god people they are so sad, have plans to, as they have been doing as if resetting the globe wired to the system ***I do not want to be in.. or projected on through.. or hurt as they are doing** altering via the sound and light waves**whatever they target or get mad at.** threatens "the plan" **mad at, is nebulous to their plan to dominate all commerce ***on the planet** can totally be used for the medicine it can provide if not distorting the sound disrupting our "biolight" they know how and to cause the symptoms as if ignorant.. same with predicting a climate change it is causing and going to.. this effects all living things.. bioresonance is our most important health natural rytmns for health.. intricately married are light and sound. .this weapon.. their hammer of thor and sound of god, odin, harpa. darpa.. dozens of projects that require this virtual reality equipment.*.black-deeply deviant, harvesting alive or dead history is littered with volumes of acts the acts culminating in pushing abortions of as many as possible live delivery and medical distribution**for the science research mr fauci is a active facilitator of.. g5 is the link to it all infiltrating control over our bodies minds and diminished cognitive capacity at levels to even resist as they choose.. not us or our natural choices denied from them targeting these systems.. so from within.***what pompous asses to assume they can violate us and us not just come after them asap..***destroy their equipment nfrom being in their hands ever again ***50 million people disappear every year, global stats. .who do you think is doing that??? and for what. .the imagination goes wild, knowing their eyes are set on the world.. he is the biggest assault weapon on the planet right now .. his mouth is corrupted by spewing the most evilo lies, traitor seditionist/s, intentional mayham... terrorists by trade and practice**great philanthropist in insuring exists unabetted by laws...fetuses to humans distribution into unknown uses, known black magicans everywhere on their dark esoteric arts trying to prevail through these methods.. over humanity .. not a person humanity.. enslave them not use.. market-pharma-military ***very MORALLY insensitive people * to think of design and done .. this is a big .. to us and they want what courteousness**, I think not,, going into my personal mind scape.. really pushing it to far... to block my sensory perceptions.. we see them and they know all esoteric knowledge, they see us and know who to target the most.. remote seeing is a threat to them we all are connected dream and know.. they do not want you to be tuned in but out.. they do it by remote control.. can do any bodily thing to you * perverts and sicko's .. a window into your private soul** THEY ARE SOUL CRACKERS OR TRY KEEP FIGHTING AND KMNOWING .. **GOD precedes matter/ time and space// ** AS DO THEY IN THE BLACK ARTS in heavenly places.. this is it.. again rampart on earth in this form.. sound light perverts, who can only*** come through dark portholes man makes or calls them in through.. so buyer beware .. tec or talk.. on how bad we, you, I need their high speed virtual reality world.. no AI can have or imbue SPIRIT*** even if emotionally fluid..*** cannot have ..a spiritual relationship*** : the knowledge of timeless and our REALMS ARE ADEPTS.. DECIEVERS SEDUCERS AND SWEET TALKERS, SIRENS WERE THE WOMEN WHO THE WATCHERS BORE CHILDREN BY, SO SAYS THE BIBLE, THEY ARE SEDUCERS OF MEN AND CLASSICALLY.. ARE ENTRAPPERS,, THEY PARTNER WITH CORPORATE MOGULS SUCH AS ARE DARK IN NATURE EVERYWHERE (see Ted Gunderson files/ wikileaks vault 7.. history of the cia-a-family-buisness, retired CIA and Tyrone Alexander..TI. target individual and others, scathing reports of imbedded criminality that must go*** you will see how intentionally covered **they are in their security blankets; I BELIEVE NOW, traitors to us one and all until their agenda is halted, our globe is our priority protecting all on it* they are OF THE DARKSIDE OF EVERYTHING WHEN WEAPONIZING IT ALL, STEALING IT REPRESSING IT TO US, KNOWLEDGE, INTRUDE ON OUR INNER MOST SACRED PRIVATE AND ESSENTIAL TO LIFE ..BIO-ESSENCE .to control body sensation. injuries disease, inflict bodily mind tortures.. willfully and truly and deeply*without remorse* this the ARMY against us ** and we against them getting away with it any more.. emotions and block our spiritual resonance/ connection from perception within**it overshadows it.. nanorouters wet ware they violate in all of us see ** storage looks to goes small.. and the others. .this is highly advanced ... enough to solve ALL PLANETARY PROBLEMS NOT CREATE THEM***THEY ARE SELFISH TO THE CORE AND NEVER FULL, ALWAYS HUNGER AND ARE OUR ENEMIES WHO EVER WEARS THE CLOTHES NEEDS TAKEN OUT OF OPERATIONS..
You may have heard that microwaves emit radiation. You may have even heard that microwaves are dangerous to your health. But has that stopped you from using them? If not, this article might. It turns out that the health risk is real. Microwave ovens have the potential to cause many health issues, thanks to the effects of radiation on your health.

When your tissues are directly exposed to radiation from microwave ovens, deformations can occur, leading to “microwave sickness.” People who have been exposed to high levels of microwave radiation experience several symptoms, including:

Insomnia, night sweats and other sleep disturbances
Swollen lymph nodes
A weakened immune system
Impaired cognition
Depression and irritability
Loss of appetite
Vision and eye problems
Frequent urination
Extreme thirst
microwave FI

What Is Radiation?
Radiation is the emission of energy from any source. Radiation comes from X-rays, the sun and – you guessed it – microwave ovens. High-energy radiation has enough energy to remove an electron from an atom or molecule. This process can damage the DNA inside of the cells, which can result in major health issues, including cancer. While microwave ovens are at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum, they still have enough energy to move atoms in a molecule, causing them to vibrate. If this type of radiation is absorbed in large enough amounts by materials containing water, such as food or fluids, it can produce heat. This can lead to burns and tissue damage, which may have biological effects.

Other Health Problems Caused By Microwave Ovens
A study recently examined the effects of 2.4 GHz of radiation on the heart, which is the frequency of radiation emitted by microwave ovens. The study found “unequivocal evidence” that microwave frequency radiation affects the heart at non-thermal levels. Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University said, “This is the first study that documents immediate and dramatic changes in both heart rate and heart rate variability caused by an approved device…” There is also evidence that the same radiation frequency may cause a spike in blood sugar.

microwave popcorn

While the non-ionizing radiation emitted from microwaves is not able to break atoms apart, it can cause physical alterations. Overexposure to this type of radiation can affect tissues and cause molecular damage. Damage to DNA has been linked with many types of cancer. In addition to the health risks of being exposed to microwave radiation, research has shown that microwaving your food depletes nutrients in the food by 60-90%! Most packaged microwavable foods also contain numerous toxic chemicals which leak into the food, putting your health at risk.

Yes, microwaves are convenient. They make meals quick and easy. But are you willing to risk your health or the health of your family? The evidence is clear. Microwave radiation has the ability to damage DNA, which can lead to a whole slew of health problems, including cancer. Watch the video below for more information on microwave radiation.

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MustardSeeds 3 months ago

hey we are not doing it.. now, anymore than before.. we stand against them.. eternally.. we do.. we have generations of dead ancestors because of this... long term generational practices of all aligned to the blood oaths they made themselves ..blood sacrifices.. dead people by drugs, medical practices or other sick means or practices or other means. .all sacrificed to the ruthless sadistic..

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