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Shane St Pierre
06 Sep 2021

July 6, 2021

Are Britain’s rich and powerful involved in Satanic ritual abuse, child sex trafficking, and even human sacrifice? Written and narrated by Adam Riva and edited by filmmaker Mouthy Buddha, ABUSE OF POWER investigates Satanism at the highest levels of English government, finance, and entertainment.

A 40-year-old Englishman named Michael Roberts grabbed the world’s attention when he stepped forward on January 19, 2013 claiming to be a survivor of a Satanic pedophile network that was attended by rich and powerful British acolytes. Roberts claims he was abused beginning at age 2 and ending around age 13 and consisted mainly of him being drugged and raped at Satanic ceremonies. These ceremonies, Roberts claims, were organized by his stepfather, Michael Horgan who would join the others in raping his son.

Michael Horgan, who used the pseudonym Shaun O’Donnell, became known as the High Priest of Satan. Horgan brought his own stepson to the Satanic rituals he organized.

According to Mirror, Horgan also hung his stepson and an even younger female victim “on hooks.”

According to Roberts, rich and famous individuals, such as actors and politicians, participated in the ceremonies. One of the people that Horgan allowed to rape his stepson was Member of Parliament Cyril Smith. After getting into politics in 1945 at only 17 years old, Smith would go on to spend his entire life as a career politician. He was elected mayor of Rochdale in 1966, elected to Parliament in 1972, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1988.

According to Mirror,

“Now studying for a counselling ­qualification, Michael fought back tears as he recalled: “I was frightened of him because of his size. But by then I was getting abused by so many people I’d just got used to it.”

At these ceremonies, Satanists would tie the children naked and blindfolded to a cross on a black altar where they would be drugged and raped. The children were also forced to perform sex acts on each other while the adults would film it.

Three months prior to Roberts stepping forward, a woman named Karin Ward self-published an autobiography detailing sexual abuse she endured at the hands of a cigar-smoking television celebrity she referred to as “JS.”

It was clear that Ward was referring to Jimmy Savile, beloved by millions from his career as a radio and television host on the BBC. Beginning in the 1960s, Savile began a 40-year pedophilia spree that was not exposed to the world until after his death in October of 2011, just one year before Karin Ward stepped forward as one of his victims. Ward claimed that the abuse was widespread, and accusations were ignored.

“There must be hundreds, if not thousands who have never spoken. I hope they will gain courage from the fact that I have survived.”

The total number of Savile’s victims is likely higher than 500 girls and boys, according to the Guardian, and a report commissioned by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children discovered credible evidence demonstrating that Savile also raped adults at Leeds General Infirmary and had sex with dead bodies. He even bragged to hospital staff that he made jewelry out of a glass eyeball he stole from a corpse.

The Washington Post reported,

“As shocking as the findings are, even more shocking is the fact that Savile got away with it for so long. That realization has “shaken our country to the core,” U.K. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Thursday. For decades, while Savile hosted show after show and glad-handed, the abuse went on. Numerous columns have asked: How? How did no one know? Why wasn’t he stopped?”

As the Telegraph reported, at least 100 employees of the BBC knew about Savile’s open secret.

“Famous faces at the corporation, including Dame Esther Rantzen, Sir Terry Wogan, Louis Theroux, Mike Read and Nicky Campbell, were among 117 BBC staff who were said to have been aware of rumours about Savile’s sexual conduct.”

Rumors of Savile’s abuses were not contained to only the BBC. As far back as 1978, Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols attempted to draw attention to Jimmy Savile in a radio interview.

“Jimmy Savile is a hypocrite. I bet he’s into all kinds of seediness that we all know about but we’re not allowed to talk about. I know some rumors. I bet none of this will be allowed out.”

Four years after Savile’s death, Rotten was interviewed by Piers Morgan where he recalled how he was suspended from the network after he blew the whistle on the scandal.

“I found myself being banned from BBC radio there for quite a while for my ‘contentious’ behavior.”

In fact, 7 investigations into Savile were begun, only to be abruptly dropped shortly thereafter.

In January of 2013, the same month that Michael Roberts stepped forward with accusations of Satanic ritual abuse against Cyril Smith, Express published an article entitled Jimmy Savile was Part of a Satanic Ring. In the article was the testimony of one of the survivors who described the black masses where Savile and other participants wore hooded robes and masks and chanted “Hail Satan” in Latin during candle-lit ceremonies.

“She recognised [Savile] because of his distinctive voice and the fact that his blond hair was protruding from the side of the mask. He was not the leader but he was seen as important because of his fame.”

Throughout the report, we learned that this whistleblower was not the only one to claim that Savile belonged to a child trafficking ring. At least one other survivor has come forward describing the times she was raped in Satanic ceremonies by Savile and other powerful figures.

“Along with other young women, the victim was shepherded to wait in another room before being brought back to find Savile in a master of ceremonies kind of role with a group wearing robes and masks. She too heard Latin chanting and instantly recognised satanist regalia. Although the girl was a young adult, who was above the age of consent, she had suffered a history of sexual abuse and was extremely vulnerable.”

The director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London, Dr. Valerie Sinason, remarked on the credibility of these two separate accusations.

“Neither girl knew one another, they lived in different parts of the country and contacted me a year apart yet their experiences are very similar.”

Is it possible that Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith belonged to the same Satanic network? Or is it more likely that there are multiple Satanic networks operating contemporaneously?

How could a Satanic pedophile network possibly exist at the highest levels of government and entertainment without the public finding out? Wouldn’t the news media need to be in on the coverup, to one degree or another?

On April 26, 1999, a gunshot was heard near the home of BBC television presenter, Jill Dando. Dando had joined a campaign to draw attention to a powerful pedophile networks when she was shot dead on the front doorstep of her home. The crime remains unsolved to the present. According to her former colleague, Dando had handed a file of evidence to the BBC management and nothing was done about it.

“The friend and retired BBC worker said the late Crimewatch host was told DJs, celebrities and other staff were involved in organised abuse.”

In 2013, some of these rumors were corroborated when DJ Ray Teret was sentenced to 25 years in prison for 11 counts of indecent assault and 7 counts of child abuse against girls as young as 12. This radio DJ formerly worked as Jimmy Savile’s chauffeur.

It is worth noting that Dando’s friend, Chelsea vice-chairman Matthew Harding, also died in a mysterious helicopter crash.

Mark Thompson was the BBC’s Director General from 2004-2012. Thompson allegedly knew about Savile’s checkered past during the 8 years he worked there and has faced harsh criticism for the way he directed the BBC’s flippant, lax, and often dismissive coverage the Savile scandal.

On August 14, 2012, Mark Thompson left the BBC to work as CEO of The New York Times. Over the next two years, the New York Times’ attitude towards pedophilia seems to have become more accepting. On October 5, 2014, the Times published an article entitled Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime. Some have described this as a push by CEO Mark Thompson to destigmatize pedophilia.

BBC Newsnight was slated to air an investigation into Jimmy Savile’s abuses in 2011 just after his death. The documentary – which did not show Savile’s face even one time – did not air for several years. Instead, the BBC televised two separate tributes to Savile even though accusations against him were publicly known.

On September 25, 2017, the New York Times has only doubled down on its efforts to destigmatize pedophilia by running an article entitled Why I Admire Anthony Weiner, published after Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in prison for sending and soliciting naked pictures from a minor.

Why did Mark Thompson, who allegedly knew about Savile’s behavior during the 8 years he worked there, leave the BBC to work as CEO of the New York Times? Why does the New York Times seem to be defending pedophilia?

Why did the BBC management feel the need to repeatedly cover for Jimmy Savile’s crimes? Is it hypothetically possible that a force far bigger than the BBC, through mafia-like tactics, is able to order the BBC and other major networks to avoid exposing high-profile pedophile networks?

Beginning in 1983, when Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens passed along a dossier to authorities naming 21 different pedophiles within Great Britain’s government, a multi-decade long suppression of truth began. The news media and government acted in concert to cover up the child trafficking ring. This was assisted by appointees within Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s government. Time and time again, investigations were stymied, evidence was sequestered, and lawsuits were mysteriously dropped. It wasn’t until 2015 – 32 years later – that Geoffrey Dicken’s dossier was actually investigated.

According to Vice,

“In July it was revealed that the dossier was among 114 files relating to child sex abuse that had disappeared from 1979 to 1999.”

The Daily Beast points out that the investigation is conveniently too late as most of the major figures are now deceased.

“Barbara Castle, a Labour member of the European parliament, told Hale she did not trust Brittan to investigate the allegations thoroughly. 16 MPs and members of the House of Lords, and 30 high-profile figures from the Church of England, private schools, and big business, were members of, and advocates for, the Paedophile Information Exchange. The shadowy group, which operated partly in the open, campaigned for the age of consent to be abolished and incest to be legalized. It also allowed pedophiles to send each other secure mail and to meet in person.”

The Daily Beast describes how a survivor going by the name of Carl did not trust the investigation either. If child trafficking networks could exist at the highest levels of government, they would easily corrupt any justice from being served. Carl said,

“It appears the cover-ups did happen and it makes survivors very wary because you don’t know who you can have confidence in to report.”

One of the most prominent advocates for the victims of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Liz Davies, has been trying for decades to jumpstart an investigation into the group but for some reason law enforcement refused to look into it. Furthermore, members of this pedophile network are still to this day holding leadership positions in government.

“In 1990, she raised concerns at a local council meeting that a large number of boys in the area were showing signs of abuse. She claimed that Margaret Hodge, then leader of Islington council and later the Minister for Children under Tony Blair, ignored her warnings. It was 2014 before Hodge would apologize for her “shameful naivety” in failing to properly investigate the claims of abuse.”

“Davies thought her work would finally be taken seriously by the authorities; she was wrong.

She had amassed evidence of abuse perpetrated against 61 victims, but she claims council officials continued to tell her to stop causing trouble. A year later she finally quit social services when she says she discovered that the boys she had been trying to save were being sent back into the Islington care home system only to suffer yet more sexual abuse. “I was networking these children into another network which was running within the care homes. I was handing over the most vulnerable, sexually exploited children to more pedophiles,” she said. “I have to live with that.”

It is now openly acknowledged that the English government under Margaret Thatcher perpetrated a child trafficking coverup. Could the English government also be involved in a coverup of Satanic ritual abuse?

On October 10, 2017, Independent quietly published one of the most profound exposes in British history entitled Margaret Thatcher Gave MP Knighthood Despite Knowing Child Sex Abuse Claims Against Him, Inquiry Hears. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse heard witness statements after new evidence emerged that further incriminated Cyril Smith as a pedophile. However, the bigger takeaway from the investigation was why Thatcher still chose to bestow one of the nation’s highest honors to a Satanic pedophile?

The Independent articles goes on to explain how the investigation into Cyril Smith’s pedophilia was blocked by powerful politicians.

“The inquiry panel was told that the MP’s knighthood was awarded despite people “at the very highest level of politics” being aware of multiple allegations he had sexually abused at least eight boys.”

Even more incomprehensible was the revelation leaked by The Telegraph on November 12, 2012 where the MI5 seized the dossier on Smith’s crimes and instructed the police to say that it was lost.

How is this Satanic pedophile network capable of not only controlling the news media, but also the MI5, Britain’s intelligence agency? Is it possible that this Satanic pedophile network only operates in Britain? According to Liz Davies, the Paedophile Information Exchange is international in size.

“She would later discover that the international office of the Paedophile Information Exchange was just a few hundred yards from her desk, and her patch was home to a host of prolific child attackers linked into a network of powerful abuse rings that stretched from Westminster to Northern Ireland, Wales, and the island of Jersey in the Channel.”

On New Year’s Eve of 2014, Vice reported,

“Savile did spend 11 consecutive New Years Eves celebrating with Margaret Thatcher, after all. Connections that have long been deemed the ludicrous preserve of conspiracy theorists are now ordained as possibilities, some even plausibilities. The unthinkable is now eminently thinkable.”

There is ample historical evidence to demonstrate that child trafficking networks exist at the highest levels of media, finance, and government. Based on multiple high-profile pedophiles who have been convicted of participating in these networks, we can conclude that they are comprised of individuals in positions of significant power and influence, who engage in Satanic ritual abuse and human sacrifice.

To anyone paying attention, these networks are now pushing to normalize pedophilia as a means of garnering support for legislation more favorable to pedophiles. As child abuse scandals all around the world are being exposed at a greater rate than ever before, we are reminded that abuse of power invariably rots the cores of many of our most trusted institutions.

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