A Look Behind The Scenes of A Shadow Presidency! 100% Proof Trump Never Left!

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
21 Nov 2021


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Joshua S
Joshua S 2 months ago

Well he is doing a godawful job. I know people get mad when I call this out. For some reason just like the left if you go against the bias of an individual a meltdown happens. Let’s see if someone can answer this calmly and actually have a discussion. If Trump is somehow the shadow President what is the enough of this crap moment? American livelihoods are being destroyed daily. Vaccine tyranny is now hitting children at the age of 5 and older. Riots are breaking out again. Crippling legislation has been signed into law and people are ignoring the Build Back Better legislation being prepared in the House. The military (and I have a few buddies I went to war with) are losing there benefits and being kicked out because of the vaccine that Trump is a major part of. Health care workers are being fired at a rapid pace. Energy prices are going to be 50 percent more this winter. I can go on and on. I know some person will say this is war but actually have no clue what war looks like. If it’s war it’s war against Americans by the elites in America with only American casualties. All of Trumps Executive orders are void due to expiration dates and the fact he revoked EO 13770 on the morning of January 20th as his last act as President. He revoked one of the most powerful EOs in history. That’s a fact! I have absolutely no problem with calling out my bias. We are all in this situation now because the left has to stick it to the right and the right has to stick it to the left. Calling out your politician of choice is like a sin to many. Before someone says Trump isn’t a politician….Trump is the 45th President. Now go read the definition. People still believe Obama was an amazing President and you will say he wasn’t and that’s my point. Obama was garbage. If a someone’s President of choice nuked all 50 States that persons supporters would justify it. I can give way more facts about what Trump has done but it means nothing to people who refuse to see it . Examples. Trump approved Biden’s transition team when the GSA blocked Biden. In 2016 Trump was talking to reporters about internet censorship. He wanted to link up with Bill Gates and censor what he called extremist websites. He even made fun of people who would defend the 1A. Go watch the video. Trump signed the damn Cares Act before Covid was announced and played right along with everyone else. He defunded the WHO but quietly funded GAVI. Go look at what GAVI is and who is the biggest donor. It rhymes will Hill Bates. Not one thing I just put is false. Not one. Even with that people lose their minds. Don’t tell anyone to think for themselves if you can’t do the same. I am not against any of you I am against the ****s in Government. Oh last thing…The Act of 1871 being shown to the people and reversed is the only way to bring the Republic back and save America. This is why all politicians say Democracy. A Democratic Republic is not a thing just like Democratic Socialism. The Constitution for the United States of America. The Constitution of the United States of America. Are those the same? One is from the original and one is from the Act of 1871 and is why the gold trim is around our flag. If you want to save America go read the congressional notes and the Act on the Federal Register. Or not!

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Genericcitizen 1 month ago

I can not argue with you. I'm disappointed and let down, tired of being told to hang on a little longer, all will be revealed! I'm old, don't have decades left to wait around, so, I don't have a rebuttal for your argument. And that alone makes be feel hopeless.

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