A Glitch in the Matrix

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
21 May 2022

⁣A Glitch in the Matrix

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toppazj 1 month ago

Hello again, i am sorry, i forgot about their tech...
they can install force field like the one around the star trek ship
they have stargates
they have also portals
they also have spaceships
they can walk trough solid walls
they have holographic system
they can dig trough solid rock like butter and have no dirt to take out...
Biobed that can repair any illness up to DNA level..
wish to ear from you..

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toppazj 1 month ago

Dear, the being we call E.T. have advance technologie. if you are in the normal stream media, you will not belive what i know, you will think me as crasy..because the handful of people who control the world do not want peoploe to find out about them..who they really are...So..it could be a long story.. but to make it short..i will just tell you some of the tech i learn ( since 30 years of study ) that they have and use. If you have doubt..ask yourself, why some get greater in hystory then other...then you will slide in the rabbit hole..and find more and more truth. First,
they have time machine..and a model they can interfear by going in past or futur.
they have an older version called "Looking Glass" The Vatican have one and the USA too
they have Deep cryo sleep tech..so they can outlive other living longer.
They have what is called "monoatomic gold" it allowed the user to live several ( hundread or thousand years ? ) more it rejuvanate the cell so quickly.. a person get younger. The story about the philosophal stone is about that.
they also have cloning device. they clone a body.. also clone mind.. separately if they wish
they have anti gravity device
they have the ray gun of star trek that vaporized on shoot
they also have tech to get yonger

I do not ask you to believe me right away.. i have info and links i can share with you if you want to get the red pill and get awake off the"matrix"..or if you prefer the blue one..
I will let you my email. i just ask you join a picture of you that is not from the video,so i can be sure it is you ..and not the wrong person i am talking to..and if you could tell me your religious belive, it would help me to know what you are knowing so far..don't worry, i have no religion to talk to..it is just a matter of refference.

What you experienced is a "time laps" usually, aducted people with remember a date and time, then they get "awake" again and some minutes up to weeks are gone..without any recollection of it. But those being are not gods, they are like us..they make mistake..it is what happended to you.. they get you back too early...so you remember what you have done and it didn't match with the time...because you were brought back in time of few hours earlier..

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