#8-Money makes the world go 'round

28 Sep 2020

This is a pause to try to help with perspective. I was in the bottom 1% in income for many years. I was on welfare, food stamps, and medical assistance. I clawed my way out of the system and will never ever forget how it felt to be there. I am now in the top 1% and I do not want for a thing, nothing. The global elite make 100x MORE then what I make. I am in the bottom of the top 1%. They cannot related to my reality, let alone the reality of 99% of America.
Perspective changes Reality. Change your perspective = Change your reality.

⁣⁣Our website will be up soon: www.usaunite.net
GoFundMe: ⁣gf.me/u/y2qn7h

Please make sure to watch the following -
The social dilemma (netflix)
Filthy Rich - Epsteins Island (netflix)
Out of the Shadows (youtube)
The Fall of the Cabal (youtube)

Use non censored browers: duckduckgo.com
Listen to REAL news: fulcrum news, X22, Amazing Polly, Anna Brees

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USAUnite 7 months ago

Girl thank YOU!!! I'm working on more and want to blast them out on Tuesday. Fingers crossed that they are helpful

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