5th Confirmed Source shows Masks/COVID tests are INFECTED STAY AWAY!

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
13 Apr 2021

Without knowing what these are or what they are going to do to you I can say with 100% confidence, YOU DO NOT WANT TO FIND OUT.

Avoid all Fake RT-PCR tests, as they are clearly primed with a series of weaponized aspects, from fibers that embed themselves in your nose, to unknown biological entites trying to locate the source of warm breath, to the sterizaltion agent being a very dangerous cancer causing material. Masks are also covered in the same dangerous chemicals, causeing lung cancer, infected with the same unknown black bio strands.

IF anyone needs more proof your life is in your hands.

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Bond001 19 days ago

what was the zoom of this record?

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Cindycindy1967 25 days ago

I guess they will probobly eat my nrain or something..i let you know..because i was unaware of this and had gotton swabbed early on...help....

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